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Jewish life in Europe: Impending catastrophe or imminent renaissance?
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 08 November 2013

Providing a summary of existing research, and drawing extensively on the new data gathered by JPR for the European Union, we investigate the various hypotheses that exist about how life is changing for Jews today in different parts of Europe.

tagged with: Antisemitism, Discrimination, Europe, Racism, “European Jews”

Assessment of recent data on antisemitism in Europe
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 07 February 2019

Tick the Jewish box: Why self-identifying as Jewish by religion in the census is so important
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 09 March 2021

Ticking the Jewish box in the religion question in the UK Census is one of the most consequential things Jewish people can do to help the UK Jewish community to plan for its future. In this brief article, JPR Executive Director, Dr Jonathan Boyd, explains why.

JPR reflections on the EU FRA survey
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 10 December 2018

Initial reflections on the new survey of Jewish people's experiences and perceptions of antisemitism, written and published by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, based on research undertaken by a JPR/Ipsos MORI consortium.

Numbers of Jewish children in Jewish schools: Statistical bulletin for 2015/16 to 2017/18
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 16 January 2019

This bulletin, produced by JPR on behalf of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, contains the most recent data on Jewish school enrolment in the UK. It demonstrates that there are now close to 35,000 Jewish pupils enrolled in Jewish schools, the highest figure on record.

JPR guide to the 2015 General Election
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 29 April 2015

In what promises to be one of the closest UK general elections for years, we analyse some of the key dynamics in the twenty constituencies in Britain that are home to the largest Jewish populations, who together, comprise about 60% of all Jews living in the country.

tagged with: Politics, Census, Election, Voting, UK

Young Jewish Europeans: perceptions and experiences of antisemitism - Summary of findings
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 05 July 2019

A summary of the findings of our study of young Jewish Europeans, a project commissioned by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), and published in partnership with FRA and the European Commission.

Moving beyond COVID-19: What needs to be done to help preserve and enhance Jewish communal life?
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 09 March 2021

This paper draws together much of the research work related to the coronavirus pandemic that JPR has undertaken and utilised, and makes recommendations about how senior Jewish community leaders and investors should help to preserve and strengthen Jewish communal life going forward.

JPR Research Fellow Recruitment
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd
Date: 10 December 2015