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Methodology: COVID-19 online panel survey, July 2020
Author(s): David Graham and Carli Lessof
Date: 31 December 2020

Methodology paper outlining how JPR conducted its July 2020 survey of the Jewish population in the UK, and began the process of building its UK Jewish population research panel.

tagged with: Methodology

JPR Audited Accounts 2019
Author(s): JPR
Date: 11 December 2020

Social research on European Jewish populations - The state of the field
Author(s): Keith Kahn-Harris
Date: 04 December 2020

This report analyses the holdings of JPR's European Jewish Research Archive (EJRA), highlighting limitations and strengths in research coverage. It concludes with suggestions on developing research on European Jewish populations.

COVID-19 mortality and Jews: A global overview of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, March to May 2020
Author(s): Daniel Staetsky, Ari Paltiel
Date: 30 November 2020

This report, produced by our European Jewish Demography Unit, is the first study of mortality from COVID-19 among Jews, and assesses how COVID-19 affected Jews in different parts of the world during the first wave of the pandemic, March to May 2020.

Acute disadvantage: Where are the needs greatest?
Author(s): Jonathan Boyd, Carli Lessof and David Graham
Date: 28 October 2020

JPR’s COVID-19 survey examines the effects of the pandemic on the lives of Jews across the UK. In this third paper looking at the findings, we investigate its economic impact, with a particular emphasis on Jewish households showing signs of significant financial stress.

Jews in Europe at the turn of the Millennium: Population trends and estimates
Author(s): Daniel Staetsky, Sergio DellaPergola
Date: 21 October 2020

A landmark study containing a thorough and up-to-date analysis of demographic trends among Jews in Europe, and latest Jewish population counts across the continent. Written by the world’s leading scholars on the subject and published by JPR’s European Jewish Demography Unit.

JPR Confidentiality policy 2020
Author(s): JPR
Date: 13 October 2020

JPR Data Retention Policy 2020
Author(s): JPR
Date: 13 October 2020