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Community Futures Meetings 2014

JPR's 'Community futures' initiative brings together some of the UK Jewish community's leading professional educators to explore some of the major tensions that exist in contemporary Jewish life, and to consider how best to manage them within the organisations they head up, and across the community. Inspired by Dr Barry Johnson's theory of "Polarity Management", the group convenes regularly to learn from one another, and to develop new thinking.

Our meetings together have explored:

Summer 2014 (Dr Jonathan Boyd)

Polarity management (Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand)

Tradition and change (Dina Brawer)

Generational change (Dr Roy Graham)

Exploring new data (Dr Jonathan Boyd)

Advocacy and education (Michael Wegier)

Nature and nurture (Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum)

Continuity and innovation (Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand)

  • Reading 1: Joshua Avedon, Shawn Landres and Felicia Herman
  • Reading 2: Steven M. Cohen and Ari Y. Kelman

Denominationalism and pluralism (Matt Plen)

Formal and informal education (Judith Williams)

Jewish and secular learning (Dr Jonathan Boyd)

Community futures analysts

Sally Berkovic
Chief Executive, Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe

Dr Jonathan Boyd
Executive Director, Institute for Jewish Policy Research

Rabbi Shoshana Boyd Gelfand
Director, JHub

Amy Braier
Director, Pears Foundation

Dina Brawer (read her article on the polarity between tradition and innovation)
Director, Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance (UK)

David Brown
Executive Director, Union of Jewish Students

Colin Bulka
Director of Programming, JW3

Dr Roy Graham
Director of Programme and Planning, UJIA

David Lerner
Chief Executive, Samuel Sebba CharitableTrust

Adam Ognall
Chief Executive, New Israel Fund

Matt Plen
Chief Executive, Masorti Judaism

Raymond Simonson
Chief Executive, JW3

Michael Wegier
Chief Executive, UJIA

Rabbi Dr Raphael Zarum
Dean, London School of Jewish Studies