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It's all about the babies

Expressed simply, demographic growth or decline in a population is driven by the balance between births and deaths. This report, published in partnership with the Board of Deputies of British Jews, looks at that balance over time in the UK Jewish population and finds clear evidence of a recent extraordinary shift – from decline to growth. …read more

Antisemitism in Europe

The overwhelming majority of Jews in Europe feel that antisemitism is a problem in their society and is becoming worse over time. This study, produced by JPR and Ipsos for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), provides an extraordinary picture of Jewish people's perceptions and experiences. …read more

More Jewish children in Jewish schools

Jewish school enrolment in the UK has doubled since the 1990s, and is now at the highest level since records began. This study, designed to provide educational policymakers with the most up-to-date data, was published in partnership with the Board of Deputies of British Jews. …read more

Anti-Israel hostility

Claims that Israel is 'an apartheid state' and calls to boycott it seem to be increasingly prevalent. To what extent do people in Great Britain hold such views, and is there any empirical evidence to indicate that they are – or are not – antisemitic? …read more

How is antisemitism affecting young Jewish Europeans?

With concerns about antisemitism rising among Jews across Europe, how are young Jewish adults, in particular, feeling? This study, based on the research JPR did for the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) is jointly published with FRA and the European Commission. …read more

Professor Haskel joins JPR’s Board

Professor Jonathan Haskel CBE, one of the country’s leading economists, has joined the JPR Board as a Senior Academic Adviser to support and advise on JPR’s research programme. …read more

Monitoring and Evaluation

Jewish charities and foundations are continually involved in developing and running initiatives designed to protect, develop and enhance Jewish life, and local, national and European governments are repeatedly developing strategies and plans to combat antisemitism and protect freedom of religion. Yet more often than not, little is understood about how effective these initiatives are, or whether they are having the desired effects. …read more

Antisemitism in Society Initiative

Investigating the extent to which anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes exist within society constitutes an important part of our programme on antisemitism. If this particular type of prejudice is ever going to be effectively combated, it is essential to know how far and how deeply it reaches into different parts of society, and whether these levels are changing over time. It is also important to understand when and where anti-Israel attitudes become antisemitic, and indeed, when and where they do not. …read more