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Jewish life in the UK: JPR at JW3

Jewish life in the UK: JPR at JW3

JPR teamed up with the JW3 Jewish community centre in London to run an event in October featuring JPR Executive Director, Dr Jonathan Boyd, with JW3 Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Simonson.

Jonathan shared some of JPR’s key research findings to paint a portrait of the state of the British Jewish community today, and to identify some of the key opportunities and challenges it is likely to face in the coming years. He touched on a wide range of issues, including the increasing signs of insularity among British Jews; indications of heightened anxiety about antisemitism; and what we know about how to sustain Jewish identity over time. Raymond asked questions and shared his own thoughts on these issues, before opening the discussion up to the audience who added their own queries and comments. It was a rare public opportunity to explore some of the key issues in Jewish life with reference to existing data alongside the insights and reflections of two highly thoughtful observers of Jewish life. Together with JW3, we are now looking to make this an annual event.

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