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New study on Australian Jews

New study on Australian Jews

JPR Senior Research Fellow, Dr David Graham, has completed a major study of the Australian Jewish population based on 2016 Australian Census data, that was launched in Sydney this month.

David has become the leading specialist in the demography of the Australian Jewish population, and his expertise adds an essential dimension to JPR’s understanding of similar Jewish populations, particularly in the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and the United States.

The report demonstrates that the Australian Jewish population is growing, as it has been continually for more or less one hundred years, but its growth rate slowed considerably between 2011 and 2016 as the flow of Jewish migration, particularly from South Africa, fell. There are currently estimated to be 117,903 Jews living in Australia, the highest number ever recorded, most of whom (84%) are based either in Melbourne or Sydney.

Census data play an essential role in Jewish community planning in Australia, as they do in the UK. JPR has pioneered their use since a religion question was first included in the UK Census in 2001, undertaking research work for numerous Jewish charities and foundations to help them to understand the socio-demographic characteristics of the parts of the Jewish population that matter most to them. The data also play an essential role in any social research conducted among Jews, as they provide an essential baseline to assess the representativeness of any sample gathered.

The new report on the Australian Jewish population can be downloaded here

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