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European Jewish Demography Unit

European Jewish Demography Unit

Established in January 2019, JPR’s Demography Unit is dedicated to generating data about Jewish populations in Europe to help support community development across the continent. Currently supported by the Rothschild Foundation Hanadiv Europe, it is led by JPR Senior Research Fellow, Dr Daniel Staetsky, and chaired by the world’s leading expert in Jewish demography, Professor Sergio DellaPergola.

The Unit functions in a similar way to national statistical agencies, gathering key demographic data in areas such as the numbers of Jewish births and deaths, fertility and mortality rates and patterns of migration. These types of data not only help to track population change over time, but can also be used to provide insights into a wude range of community issues, including elderly care, the development of Jewish schools, and the provision of cultural facilities across Europe. The Unit publishes specialist papers focusing on specific countries and major sociodemographic issues, and issues up-to-date Jewish population counts for every country in Europe on an annual basis.

For a more detailed overview of the Unit’s purpose, see Why European Jewish Demography? A foundation paper. To discuss our programme in more detail, contact the Director of the Unit, Dr Daniel Staetsky, at

28 Apr 2021 - European Jewish Demography Unit

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