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Total country population 66,400,000
Core Jewish population 290,000
Jews per total 1,000 in population 4.37
Population with a Jewish parent 330,000
Enlarged Jewish population 370,000
Law of Return Jewish population 410,000


Press articles about UK

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Jews step into Limmud this Christmas Publication:The Times
Date:14 December 2019
UK chief rabbi: Election is over but concerns over anti-Semitism, racism remain Publication:The Times of Israel
Date:13 December 2019
Police arrest man over antisemitic abuse on London bus Publication:The Guardian
Date:13 December 2019
Yiddish fliers call London rabbi ‘a threat’ for speaking out about Labour anti-Semitism Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:12 December 2019
Jewish students allegedly assaulted at Labour Rally in Bristol Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:11 December 2019
'Anyone but Corbyn': Jewish voters turn away from Labour Publication:The Guardian
Date:10 December 2019
Labour attacks Boris Johnson for novel that used 'pernicious antisemitic tropes' Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:10 December 2019
Charedi leader ‘deceived’ into signing pro-Jeremy Corbyn letter Publication:Jewish News
Date:10 December 2019
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Jewish voters in Leeds walk out of hustings over Labour antisemitism Publication:The Yorskhire Post
Date:10 December 2019
Jewish Labour Movement no longer backs own party Publication:The Guardian
Date:8 December 2019