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Antisemitism in Society Initiative

Antisemitism in Society Initiative

Investigating the extent to which anti-Jewish and anti-Israel attitudes exist within society constitutes an important part of our programme on antisemitism. If this particular type of prejudice is ever going to be effectively combated, it is essential to know how far and how deeply it reaches into different parts of society, and whether these levels are changing over time. It is also important to understand when and where anti-Israel attitudes become antisemitic, and indeed, when and where they do not.

Our Antisemitism in Society Initiative addresses these issues. It assesses antisemitic attitudes objectively, with academic depth and nuance, exploring attitudes both across society and within key sub-groups, notably the far-left, far-right and among particular religious groups. It seeks to understand empirically how antisemitism is manifesting itself today, and the ways in which that is changing over time.

To date, our work has focused exclusively on the United Kingdom (download our most recent extensive study here), but we are looking to expand it to other parts of Europe.

12 Nov 2019 - Antisemitism in Society Initiative