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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Jewish charities and foundations are continually involved in developing and running initiatives designed to protect, develop and enhance Jewish life, and local, national and European governments are repeatedly developing strategies and plans to combat antisemitism and protect freedom of religion. Yet more often than not, little is understood about how effective these initiatives are, or whether they are having the desired effects.

Our new monitoring and evaluation programme is designed to address this. Currently in development mode, we are devising new methods to evaluate different types of programmes across Europe and to enable organisations to better evaluate their own work. Whilst part of our current work is conceptual (i.e. enhancing our understanding of evaluative methods), we are also looking to test out different approaches for organisations.

If you are interested in understanding more about our work in this area, please contact our Senior Research Fellow, Carli Lessof, at

12 Nov 2019 - Monitoring and Evaluation