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Health and disability in Britain’s Jewish population

Author(s): David Graham
Date: 23 February 2015

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The fifth report in our series on the 2011 UK Census provides accurate counts for the numbers of Jews in different age bands who suffer from a health condition or disability. Among the data, the report finds that approximately 2,000 Jewish children have some kind of limiting health condition, and that 5,600 Jews of working age are economically inactive due to long-term sickness or disability.

Our first report, published in December 2012, looked at the UK Jewish population at Local Authority (LA) level, and noted that whilst the size of the Jewish population of England and Wales has remained largely static since 2001, there are significant changes taking place at the local level. Our second report, published in February 2013, also focused on geography, and examined the changes that have taken place at the neighbourhood level. Our third report, published in July 2013, utilised age and sex data to outline the strikingly different demographic profiles of two distinct groups within the community - the strictly Orthodox, and everybody else. Our fourth report explores geographical change in the UK Jewish community, and demonstrates how the UK Jewish population is becoming increasingly concentrated in a small number of core geographical areas.

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