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Lecture by UK Ambassador to Israel

Lecture by UK Ambassador to Israel

Matthew Gould, the British Ambassador to the State of Israel, will be delivering JPR's annual Morris and Manja Leigh Memorial Lecture, on the topic of UK-Israel relations, on 19 November 2014. read more

  Lecture by UK Ambassador to IsraelWho are today’s British Jews?Are Jews safe in Europe today?Aliyah from the UKWhat concerns Jewish students?What do Jews in Britain think about Israel?Are Jews in Britain still affiliating to the Jewish community?What can the UK Census tell us about Jews in Britain?


European Jewish Digest: September 2014
Author(s): Richard Goldstein
Date: 07 October 2014

JPR’s monthly European Jewish digest provides a concise look at some of the major events impacting on Jewish life around Europe, as well as a few other stories you may have missed.

The Exceptional Case? Perceptions and experiences of antisemitism among Jews in the United Kingdom
Author(s): Laura D. Staetsky and Jonathan Boyd
Date: 18 July 2014

The first in a new series of country reports on antisemitism across Europe demonstrates that Jews feel more secure in the UK than elsewhere, but that Orthodox Jews are most at risk of harassment and discrimination.

Jews in the United Kingdom in 2013
Author(s): David Graham, Laura D. Staetsky and Jonathan Boyd
Date: 24 February 2014

JPR’s preliminary findings report from the 2013 National Jewish Community Survey reveals a community in which younger Jews are more religious than older Jews, the traditional middle-ground is shrinking, and people are more likely to be moving away from religiosity than towards it.

2011 Census: Thinning and Thickening
Author(s): David Graham
Date: 19 December 2013

Investigating geographical shifts in the UK Jewish population, this report in our 2011 UK Census series shows how Jews in Britain are becoming increasingly concentrated in a small number of areas, and publishes data from the censuses in Scotland and Northern Ireland for the first time.

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