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Recent additions to the archive

Publication year: 2017

An in-depth analysis of Jewish migration to Israel from selected European countries. Are recent developments in migration to Israel in any way unusual. In short, are Jews leaving  Europe? And, if so, what prompts them to do so? Does antisemitism play a role?

Publication year: 2016
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism monitoring

This preliminary report outlines statistics on antisemitic attacks and vandalism in Ukraine in 2016. It also details instances of antisemitic discourse and hate speech.

Publication year: 2016

This paper demonstrates that there are distinct socio-economic and demographic differences between Jewish groups in different areas, not fully attributable to the underlying mainstream social geography, whilst also identifying a strong degree of spatial clustering.

Publication year: 2016

This paper explores the life-worlds of German Jews and Displaced Persons (DPs) and their descendants (“local Jews”); Russian Jews and their children who came to Germany in the 1990s; and Israelis who arrived in the 2000s.

Publication year: 2016

This study is based on qualitative data gathered in focus groups held in early 2016 in several UK cities. It builds on the findings of the 2011 JPR study of Jewish students, the first in-depth look at Jewish student life in the UK.

Publication year: 2016

The survey aims to generate a comprehensive picture of the Jewish museum landscape across Europe, and to identify the most pressing issues, challenges and needs faced by these institutions. The questionnaire was sent to 120 institutions in 34 countries.

Publication year: 2016

This report is the first dedicated study of intermarried Jews in Britain and draws on survey and census data. It estimates that the intermarriage rate in Britain currently stands at 26%, which is dramatically lower than the equivalent figure of 58% for the United States. 

Publication year: 2016

This report looks at how faith organisations have been responding to the impact of the financial crisis and the politics of austerity. It is based on a scoping survey of the work of 90 faith organisations and 13 case studies of faith-based initiatives, including Jewish case studies.

Publication year: 2016

This article develops the theory of vicarious group trauma and tests this theory by exploring vicarious traumatisation in the everyday lives of Jews in Britain through the methods of observation and in-depth interviewing.

Publication year: 2015

La presente “Lettera di informazione” riassume i principali casi di antisemitismo e di pregiudizio antiebraico registrati in Italia nel 2014.