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Recent additions to the archive

This paper describes and discusses a gender equality project conducted with Jewish third sector organisations (TSOs). An adapted version of ‘Project Juno’ was used to support six small or medium-sized TSOs in working towards gender equality.

This article includes and English translation and presents the main threads of the ongoing debate around the permanent exhibition of the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw.

150 actes antisémites recensés en 2017 dont 2 agressions physiques : deux jeunes enfants insultés et victimes de crachats. Un homme tabassé et insulté en pleine rue.

Author: CIDI – Centrum Informatie en Documentatie Israel    Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism monitoring | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism

CIDI registreerde in 2016 109 antisemitische incidenten in Nederland, tegenover 126 in 2015. In meer Europese landen, bijvoorbeeld in Frankrijk, is een daling geconstateerd. Deze cijfers zijn echter hoger dan vóór 2014, met 171 incidenten een piekjaar in verband met de oorlog in Gaza.

Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism monitoring | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism recense, depuis l’année 2001, les actes antisémites commis sur l’ensemble du territoire belge et, chaque année, publie un rapport sur l’antisémitisme en Belgique.Dans ce document, vous découvrirez la liste de tous les incidents recensés, notre méthodologie de travail, ainsi qu’une a…

Author: Forum gegen Antisemitismus   Publication year: 2018
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism monitoring | Main Topic: Antisemitism

Im aktuellen Antisemitismusbericht dokumentiert das Forum gegen Antisemitismus (FgA) für das Jahr 2017 insgesamt 503 antisemitische Vorfälle – der höchste Wert seit Beginn der Aufzeichnungen!

Author: Community Security Trust   Publication year: 2018
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Discourse | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism

CST recorded 1,382 antisemitic incidents in 2017, the highest annual total CST has ever recorded. The total of 1,382 incidents is an increase of three per cent from the 2016 total of 1,346 antisemitic incidents, which was itself a record annual total.

Author: Konstantinov, Viacheslav   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Aliyah | Demography | Immigration | Main Topic: Demography and Migration

This book is the second (updated) edition of a previous book "20 Years of  Great Aliya: A Statistical Analysis of Changes", published in 2013

Author: Casale Mashiah, Donatella   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Conservative / Masorti Judaism | Denominations | Denominations: Statistics | Haredi / Strictly Orthodox Jews | Main Topic: Identity and Community | Orthodox Judaism | Reform/Liberal/Progressive Judaism | Synagogue Membership | Synagogues

This study takes an in-depth statistical look at synagogue membership figures in the UK. It finds that despite the fact that there are now 454 synagogues in the UK, synagogue membership numbers have dropped below 80,000 households for the first time since records began.

Author: Staetsky, L. Daniel   Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Aliyah | Antisemitism | Demography | Emigration | Main Topic: Demography and Migration

An in-depth analysis of Jewish  migration to Israel from selected European countries. In particular, it asks whether or not recent  developments in migration to Israel are in any way unusual. In short, are Jews leaving  Europe? And, if so, what prompts them to do so? Does  antise…