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Recent additions to the archive

Author: Staetsky, L. Daniel   Publication year: 2021
Topic(s): Coronavirus/Covid | Demography | Haredi / Strictly Orthodox Jews | Health | Main Topic: Demography and Migration

In June 2020, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England and Wales published the results of an investigation into mortality from COVID-19 by religious group. This paper considers these findings in the light of the literature on Jewish mortality and undertakes a re-analysis of the results al…

Publication year: 2021
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Discourse | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Coronavirus/Covid | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism

CST’s Antisemitic Incidents Report 2020 shows that last year CST recorded 1,668 antisemitic incidents across the UK. This is an 8% fall from the 1,813 incidents recorded in 2019 but is still the third-highest number of incidents CST has ever recorded in a calendar year.

Author: Kahn-Harris, Keith   Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Jewish Studies | Main Topic: Other | Policy | Sociology | Strategic Planning | Universities / Higher Education

Drawing on an innovative methodology, this report presents a detailed statistical analysis of EJRA's holdings. Through this analysis, we are able to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses in social research coverage of particular issues in particular countries.

Author: Staetsky, L. Daniel   Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Coronavirus/Covid | Demography | Health | Main Topic: Other | Statistics | Surveys

This study, the first to assess mortality among Jews around the world during the COVID-19 crisis, draws on data from a wide variety of sources to understand the extent to which Jews were affected by coronavirus in different parts of the world during the first wave of the pandemic, March to May 2020.

Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism

Im Berichtsjahr 2019 blieb die Schweiz zum Glück von schweren physischen Angriffen auf Jüdinnen und Juden verschont – dies im Gegensatz zu anderen Ländern in Europa, wobei der traurige Höhepunkt sicherlich der Anschlag im deutschen Halle war. Dieser zeigte erneut mit grosser Deutlichkeit, dass Poliz…

Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Hate crime | Main Topic: Antisemitism

Avec 114 actes enregistrés, le rapport de la CICAD pour l’année 2019 s’achève avec une augmentation des actes sérieux et préoccupants (14 actes en 2019 contre 6 en 2018). Les actes recensés en ligne diminuent (100 actes contre 168 en 2018), notamment sur les plateformes de commentaires des médias ro…

Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Main Topic: Antisemitism

El presente informe, que recoge los hechos que han llegado a la web del Observatorio de Antisemitismo en 2017 y 2018, deduce que los comportamientos antisemitas en España apenas han variado respecto a los años anteriores. I

Author: Czimbalmos, Mercédesz Viktória   Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Intermarriage | Jewish Community | Jewish Identity | Jewish Women | Main Topic: Identity and Community

The core material of this article consists of semi-structured ethnographic interviews conducted in 2019 and 2020 with members of the two Finnish Jewish communities. The women presented in this study often ‘do Judaism in their own way’ by creating and (re)-inventing traditions they find meaningful fo…

Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Education against | Antisemitism: Left-Wing | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Law | Main Topic: Antisemitism | Politics

We used our legal powers to investigate allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party. This report sets out our findings and our recommendations for change.

Author: Boyd, Jonathan   Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Coronavirus/Covid | Economy | Family and Household | Finance | Haredi / Strictly Orthodox Jews | Main Topic: Other | Poverty | Surveys

This paper, the third in our series examining the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the UK Jewish population, explores how Jewish households have been impacted financially over the first few months of the crisis (March to July 2020).