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Recent additions to the archive

Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Anti-Zionism | Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Discourse | Main Topic: Antisemitism

This CST report Antisemitic Discourse in Britain analyses written and verbal communication, discussion and rhetoric about antisemitism and related issues in Britain during 2018. It is published annually by CST.

Author: Fischer, Johan   Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Ethnography | Food | Interviews | Kashrut | Main Topic: Other

This article explores how kosher is understood, practised and contested in contemporary Denmark.

Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Monitoring | European Union | Government | Hate crime | Law | Main Topic: Antisemitism

This is the 15th edition of FRA’s report on the situation of data collection on antisemitism in the EU.

Publication year: 2020
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Discourse | Attitudes to Israel | Attitudes to Jews | Jewish - Christian Relations | Jewish - Non - Jewish Relations | Main Topic: Antisemitism

Contributors from all the Nordic countries describe the status of as well as the challenges and desiderata for the study of antisemitism in their respective countries.

Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Monitoring | Main Topic: Antisemitism

Denne rapport beskriver og analyserer antallet af registrerede antisemitiske hændelser i Danmark i 2018.

Author: Weller, Paul   Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Antisemitism: Education against | Education | Main Topic: Antisemitism | Schools: Non-Jewish | Youth

This report is based on two phases of research conducted in six OSCE participating States—Belgium, Germany, Greece, Moldova, Poland and the United States of America—between December 2016 and May 2018.

Author: Somers, Ali   Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Age and Generational Issues | Ageing and the Elderly | Care and Welfare | Main Topic: Other | Nursery Schools

This report details the findings of a study to determine the extent to which the regular intergenerational programme has an impact on the well-being of elderly residents at Nightingale House.

Author: Sapiro, Philip   Publication year: 2019
Topic(s): Demography | Main Topic: Demography and Migration

The Representative Council’s demographics officer analyses data to assist various bodies to plan for the future needs of the Jewish community in Liverpool, Wirral, Chester, and adjoining areas.

Author: Tiffany, Austin   Publication year: 2018
Topic(s): Diversity | Interfaith Dialogue | Interfaith Relations | Main Topic: Other | Rabbis

This thesis considers how religious diversification has shaped the roles of clergy and seminaries affiliated with various denominations of Judaism and Protestant Christianity in London and New York.

Publication year: 2017
Topic(s): Antisemitism | Attitudes to Jews | Focus Groups | Islamophobia | Main Topic: Antisemitism | Minorities | Surveys

This report presents the findings from a population survey on attitudes towards Jews and Muslims and a minority study in which Jews and Muslims in Norway were asked about their experiences and attitudes.