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Why you must tick 'Jewish' on the census Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:11 March 2021
Think first before you condemn the Charedim Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:19 February 2021
Don’t let schools collapse under financial pressure Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:22 January 2021
Ilan Halimi’s murder shows why IHRA is so vital in today’s world Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:21 January 2021
Our way of life put us in danger from the virus Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:24 December 2020
Revealed: The pandemic’s toll on Jews worldwide Publication:Jewish News
Date:3 December 2020
Among Jewish communities worldwide, UK Jewry worst hit in Covid first wave: survey Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:3 December 2020
New Study takes 1st Global Look at Mortality of Jews from Covid-19 Publication: eJewish Philanthropy
Date:3 December 2020
We are divided — but we can work together Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:13 November 2020
Is European Jewry past saving? Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:1 November 2020
Almost 30% of British Jews say they lost money amid COVID-19 - poll Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:31 October 2020
Survey: 30 percent of British Jews worse off due to pandemic Publication:Jewish News
Date:30 October 2020