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Under-30s are the most vulnerable to mental health issues during the pandemic Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:12 October 2020
Report: Two thirds of UK Jews mentally distressed by virus Publication:Jewish News
Date:8 October 2020
More than half of British Jews fear return to shul Publication:Jewish News
Date:24 September 2020
Find your own path to return to a new normal Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:23 September 2020
no image available
Eine dynamische Gemeinschaft (A dynamic community) Publication:Nu
Date:1 September 2020
You can help us find out the impact of Covid-19 Publication: The Jewish Chronicle
Date:10 July 2020
Virus J-factor gives pause for thought Publication:Jewish News
Date:26 June 2020
Shuls to open amid fears over ‘Jewish risk factor’ Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:25 June 2020
Jury still out on Jewish Covid-19 data Publication:Jewish News
Date:25 June 2020
Identity politics must not distort real figures Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:4 June 2020
no image available
‘A vibrant Jewish community’ Publication:Australian Jewish News
Date:15 May 2020