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Why should we hide the signs of our identity? Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:21 June 2019
A Eurovision win would make our hearts sing Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:17 May 2019
When discussing Muslim attitudes to Jewish people, nuance is crucial Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:15 April 2019
The dramatic shift in religious identity among educated Jews Publication:Jewish News
Date:13 March 2019
The world has changed and it’s not all good Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:11 March 2019
Debunking the Myth That Anti-Zionism Isn’t Antisemitic Publication:The Algemeiner
Date:8 March 2019
Jewish ‘ethnicity’ split for next census Publication:Jewish News
Date:6 March 2019
Fifty new Jewish school places needed, report finds Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:21 February 2019
Thirteen million UK citizens have a demonic view of Israel Publication:Arutz Sheva
Date:19 February 2019
Leaving or remaining? We’re still thinking about it Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:6 February 2019
Boycotting Israel has Little Appeal in the UK, Despite Star Power Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:1 February 2019
Hostility to Israel and anti-Jewish hatred clearly linked in UK, finds study Publication:The Times of Israel
Date:31 January 2019
Report reveals link between anti-Zionism and antisemitism Publication:Jewish News
Date:31 January 2019
Squeezing the wiggle room between anti-Zionism and antisemitism Publication:Jewish News
Date:31 January 2019