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Support for Boycotting Israel Is Low in Britain, Poll Finds Publication:Haaretz
Date:31 January 2019
BDS Linked to Antisemitism, Yet Only 10% of UK Citizens Pro-Boycott - Poll Publication:The Jerusalem Post
Date:31 January 2019
Report finds clear link between antisemitism and hostility to Israel Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:30 January 2019
Despite star power, boycotting Israel has little appeal in the UK Publication:Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Date:30 January 2019
Study: Majority of U.K. Jewish Schoolchildren in Chareidi Mosdos Publication:Hamodia
Date:23 January 2019
Sex education rules could force Haredi Jews into home schooling Publication:The Guardian
Date:20 January 2019
Jewish school pupil numbers in UK rise by nearly 12 per cent in three years Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:17 January 2019
58 percent of Jewish school pupils now Charedi Publication:Jewish News
Date:17 January 2019
Why select a Jewish school for your child? Publication:Jewish News
Date:17 January 2019
To preserve Judaism we need to look in and out at the same time Publication:The Jewish Chronicle
Date:7 January 2019
Antisemitism data no reason to cry ‘gevalt!’ Publication:Jewish News
Date:13 December 2018
British Jews tell of rising antisemitism Publication:The Times
Date:11 December 2018
British politics has worst record for antisemitism in Europe, poll says Publication:The Guardian
Date:10 December 2018
Anti-Semitism pervades European life, says EU report Publication:BBC News
Date:10 December 2018
Unprecedented EU poll finds 90% of European Jews feel anti-Semitism increasing Publication:The Times of Israel
Date:10 December 2018