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How many Jews might be caught-up in the conflict in Ukraine?

Author(s): Dr Jonathan Boyd
Date: 09 March 2022

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In the midst of the conflict in Ukraine, the question of how many Jews may be caught up in it, whether on the Ukrainian or Russian side of the border, has been raised several times since the war began, and some wildly different estimates have been quoted in the press and by community leaders.

Determining precisely how many Jews live in former Communist countries such as Ukraine and Russia is notoriously challenging. Jewish life was severely hampered during the Soviet era, making it extremely difficult to pass one’s Jewish identity onto the next generation, so there are remarkably different Jewish population counts today depending on how one defines who is, and is not, Jewish.

In this fact sheet, sent to reporters in the UK, you will find the most recent and accurate counts, based on research by JPR researchers Professor Sergio DellaPergola and Dr Daniel Staetsky, as well as by Hebrew University Professor Mark Tolts.